Faerie Court Farm currently has horses for sale to approved homes.

   Offering a selection of talented, well started riding horses with performance capability in the sport disciplines or endurance.

Faerie Court Farm horses receive routine farrier care and regular preventative veterinary care including vaccines, deworming, and dental care.  The horses are raised in mixed age social groups with plentiful natural exercise and forage based nutrition.  Horses are handled daily and receive manners training from birth.  

All sales include a free template saddle fitting with Kitt Hazelton of Panther Run Saddlery

Details for each horse can be found on their individual pages.  Prices increase as training progresses so contact us for current information.  
Feel free to contact us if interested in any of these horses.  (prices range from $3000 to > $10,000)

Making a suitable match for our horses is of paramount importance. (Prices subject to change. Offers considered. Sales to approved homes only.)

Under saddle horses:   young prospects:
FCF Enchanted Flame

2009 gelding

Tall, charismatic athlete --ready to become your partner to move up to the next level!
Just started under saddle. (Walk/Trot, accepting contact, starting to ride out of ring)
Excellent 3-day eventing prospect.
FCF Westleys TrueLove

2008 mare

Sweet and highly attentive, Truly is a fancy moving young mare. Just started under saddle.
(Walk/Trot, accepting contact, starting to ride out of ring)
Acorns Mysterium OLA

2010 gelding
FCF Star of Earendil

2010 gelding
FCF Pucks Vision

2011 gelding
FCF PrincessButtercup

2008 mare

This energetic mare has expressive movement, natural balance, and a bold mind. She has just been backed and is progressing well.
These three young geldings are busy growing up in social groups with abundant free exercise and  proper nutrition and health care.  They get regular handling and manners training.  If you are interested in one of them and familiar with raising young horses, please contact us for more information and current pricing.
AAA Legend ofthe Seas
2002 gelding
Payback Morning Tide

2004  mare

Big moving, big bodied sporty mare for riding or breeding
Started under saddle
AM Tawny Britania

FCF Robin Goodfellow

Inquiries welcome
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